We Opened a Restaurant!

Please visit Earlscourt BBQ online or visit the restaurant at 1278 St Clair Ave West. This website will be retired sometime in 2018.


Here’s what our analytics tell us you really want to know:

We’ve catered over 1500 events, with up to 1500 guests at an event.

We recently received the following thank you note from a wedding that we catered near Uxbridge, Ontario in July 2015.


Some context: The event was held on the groom’s parents’ property. At the end of the weekend, the groom’s mother hugged us goodbye with positive words. “Bourbon” is our dog. She accompanies us to out-of-town caters, staying out of the way in a comfortable spot (such as a couch in our air-conditioned trailer) with toys and water and only joins the party if/when appropriate. Most of our clients and their guests fall in love with her.

(In case you’re concerned about the reference to the charred ground, we got permission to char it. It was essentially farmland that was going to be mowed after the weekend.)

What now?

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