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New improved Thermapen Mk4

Alton Brown has called Thermapen “The best instant-read thermometers on planet earth.” That “best” has just gotten even better.

There’s a brand new, improved Thermapen and it’s pretty insane – in a good way. The pre-launch announcement came just days after we received a shipment of four of the old ones. We’re both geeking out about this new one.

The new Thermapen is called the Mk4.

thermapen MK4

Key Thermapen Mk4 improvements include:

1. Patented auto-rotating display. Hold the Thermapen Mk4 in either hand or any angle and the display intuitively flips right-side up. Switch hands while cooking and read the Mk4 without cocking your head.

2. Intelligent­ backlight. The Mk4 knows when it’s dark and runs on the backlight for you, making it easy to read at dusk or complete darkness while preserving battery life. Touch the light sensor window anytime with your finger and the display lights up to improve visibility at the back of the stove or when reaching into an oven.

3. Motion-sensing sleep mode. Set your Thermapen Mk4 down during use, it shuts off and sleep mode saves battery life. Pick the Mk4 up, it comes on instantly and stays on while in your hand.

4. Now waterproof to IP67. Improved water resistance against spills  and wet kitchens.

5. Battery life extended up to 3,000 hours. Depending on backlight usage, battery life has gone from 1,500 to 3,000 hours. The motion-sensing sleep mode and light-sensing backlight mean fewer battery changes. When you do change the battery, use a common AAA battery.

As with the previous version of the Thermapen, it’s easy-to-use, quick display can accurately measure temperatures from -58° to 572° F within 0.7 of a degree in 3 seconds or less.

Watch this awesome promo video:

Get one here for $99, this price of the previous version.
($93 if you buy 5 or more.)

New Thermapen Designs!

The Thermapen Instant Read Thermometer Has New Designs.

Show this one off to your American friends

If you’re a Canadian at an American BBQ contest you’ll want this. And if you’re travelling through Europe, this is like sewing a Canadian flag on your backpack – because why would you leave home WITHOUT your Thermapen?

Thermapen limited edition

Pretty! Limited Edition Applewood Thermapen

We like applewood.

Applewood Thermapen instant read thermometer


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TimeStick-O-Rama. Sale.

From the company that brought you our favourite instant read thermometer, the Thermapen:


TimeStick is a timer. Simple.

You could use the timer on your smart phone, but here are some reasons to get a TimeStick instead:

  • Easy to handle: TimeStick offers one-handed use.
  • Keep track of it: Hang TimeStick around your neck with the lanyard provided. Keep it with you. Don’t put it down and forget where it is. Makes a cool necklace.
  • Rubberized keypad:TimeStick is splash-proof and you can use it with wet fingers – unlike your iPhone or ‘droid, which doesn’t like wet fingers.
  • Keep your phone clean.
  • MAAGNETS! (sorry, I hear Jesse Pinkman’s voice in my head every time I think “magnet”): TimeStick comes with a magnet so you can stick it to the fridge or other metal surface.
  • TimeSticks are prettier and come in several colours. Buy your favourite colours. Buy one to match your kitchen décor.

Buy another one for your office to time habits and tasks.

It might be a simple timer, but simplicity has its advantages.

Get yours on sale until midnight September 30.


ThinkGeek sale: 50% off food-related items + more

Thinkgeek sale

It’s ThinkGeek’s 15th birthday. To celebrate they’ve been offering regular sales. The most recent ThinkGeek sale: 50% off 50 items, no code needed. Starts now, ends August 17th end of day.

TGX Tactical BBQ Fork with (flashlight & laser) sight

TGX Tactical BBQ Fork with (flashlight & laser) sight

Anthropologists used to think that it was our use of tools that separated humans from animals. Then we found out that animals use tools, too. So maybe we should specify: only humans use tools with lasers and Picatinny rail systems. Until you show us a macaque using one of these, we’re going to stick with that.

For your epic BBQ sessions, we present this tactical, laser-equipped barbecue fork which fulfills all your high-tech grilling needs. Complete with a class II laser attachment which clips on via Picatinny tactical rail system, this fork lets you put the smackdown at all the neighborhood cookouts. The removable “scope” functions as a laser pointer or a flashlight for those late-night cravings. Or go wild and opt for both. Works with both the latest in innovative grills and the plain ol’ slab o’ meat over a firepit like the good ol’ Paleolithic days. Although they might worship you if you show up with a fork like this then. Or possibly burn you, using the fork to check and see if you’re done. Best to keep you and the fork in the present day, just in case.

Learn more.

Organ Transport Lunch Cooler

Organ Transport Lunch Cooler

… Our new Organ Transport Lunch Cooler employs three different methods to dissuade your would-be sammich pilferer: One – Your new lunchbox is going to be pretty unique and will get jaws a-flappin’ over the cool design. Everybody will know who it belongs to, and personalized knowledge of the owner would make the thief feel guilty about stealing. Two – the gross-out factor that the contents of your bag is actual human organs dissuading your thief from even wanting to open it let alone steal it. Three – if the bag actually contained human organs, opening the bag would contaminate the contents, ruining the potential for transplant, and that would be morally reprehensible on a scale that far outstrips simply stealing a lunch.

Learn more.

Bombs Away Shot Glass 4-Pack
Bombs Away Shot Glass 4-Pack
shotglass sale thinkgeek

How many times have you watched movies looking for the line or phrase that is overused? And you know what you do when you hear it, right? That’s right: you take a drink! Many times, each drink is preceded by a shout of some type. Our shout is “Bombs away!” Maybe that’s why we had the idea to makes these Bombs Away Shot Glasses.

Learn more.

Those are just three of the many items on sale at ThinkGeek right now.  Take a look around their site for more ThinkGeek sales.

Sale: Tactical BBQ Gift Pack from ThinkGeek

On sale now at ThinkGeek:
Tactical BBQ Gift Pack

Regular $69.97, on sale for $48.99 (save 30%).

Whether your chef is a devotee of charcoal or propane, he or she is the master of outdoor cooking. If you want your steak a perfect medium rare, he’s your guy. Did we mention he can do this while being the master of the SuperSoaker and keeping the grass length perfect? Tactical BBQ Gift pack is truly the best gift of all.

Tactical BBQ Gift Pack


Jason has shown interest in the apron. If the gift pack remains on sale I might buy us one. (Shhh, don’t tell.)  The dog loves lasers.

Also, today only (August 3) ThinkGeek is having a site-wide sale, 20-30% off depending on how much you spend. Use discount code choidujour.

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