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Pork Ninjas partners with Pass the Table

pass the table

If you’re a newsletter subscriber or a fan of our Facebook page you’ve already seen the news. Here’s the announcement that went out in our newsletter recently:

We’re happy to announce that we’ve partnered with Pass the Table, a mobile app that connects a community of diners with unique culinary experiences.

From carte blanche menus to collaborative chef dinners, Pass The Table connects you to one of a kind culinary experiences offered by the hottest restaurants, chefs, bartenders and beverage companies in Toronto.

As a result of our partnership with Pass the Table, some of our events will only be open to Pass the Table members. We’ll let you know when events are Pass the Table exclusives.

Today we received the following from Pass the Table:

Pass The Table will be in app stores NEXT WEEK!

Our first 100 diners to download the app and book an experience will join our exclusive Pass The Table Executive Club. Executive club members will be granted early access to special dining series offered through Pass The Table.

Prepare your palates and get ready to #CraveSomethingDifferent

Culinarily Yours,
Pass The Table Concierge

That’s great news. We’ve been waiting for this. Sign up for your Pass the Table exclusives. Our Pass the Table events will have a lt

Sale: Tactical BBQ Gift Pack from ThinkGeek

On sale now at ThinkGeek:
Tactical BBQ Gift Pack

Regular $69.97, on sale for $48.99 (save 30%).

Whether your chef is a devotee of charcoal or propane, he or she is the master of outdoor cooking. If you want your steak a perfect medium rare, he’s your guy. Did we mention he can do this while being the master of the SuperSoaker and keeping the grass length perfect? Tactical BBQ Gift pack is truly the best gift of all.

Tactical BBQ Gift Pack


Jason has shown interest in the apron. If the gift pack remains on sale I might buy us one. (Shhh, don’t tell.)  The dog loves lasers.

Also, today only (August 3) ThinkGeek is having a site-wide sale, 20-30% off depending on how much you spend. Use discount code choidujour.

ThinkGeek :: Stuff for Smart Masses

Come eat with us on Grey Cup Sunday

TALLBOYS’ Grey Cup Party

presented by Neustadt Springs Brewery and the BBQ Pork Ninjas (that’s us)

Sunday, November 25, 2012 at 5pm

Enjoy complimentary samplings of Neustadt’s full roster of standard and seasonal beer.

The buffet menu includes some of our most popular dishes with a beery twist:

Pulled pork
Slow smoked over applewood for 20 hours, and lovingly basted with the Neustadt Scottish Pale Ale. Served on a ciabatta bun with vidalia onion slaw.

Chicken Lollipops
Cooked over quebec sugar maple and rubbed with Pork Ninja’s sweet & heat jerk inspired seasonings.

Baked beans
Pit beans cooked cooked with Neustadt Mill Gap Bitter

Brewmaster’s Mac n’ Cheese
Topped with dry brewers yeast

Spent malt crusted Apple Crisp

Beer menu:

This typical English Ale pours a clear brown with red notes and low carbonation. Aroma is almost purely of caramelized malts with hints of wood & rye. The Malt-forward flavour also has some earthy elements plus a bit of nuttiness in the finish. – One of my favourites.

This lager pours a pale gold, almost completely clear. This crisp beer is punctuated by light sweet malts in the nose, with a hint of graininess. The hop character is very subdued, leaning toward the grassy, earthy vein which is typical in English hops.

Scottish Pale
This easy drinking refreshing ale is malt-forward in taste, with hints of the barrel wood or peat that are typical in Scottish beers. The caramelized malt sweetness become more bitter in the finish giving it a touch of dryness.

Sour Kraut lager (a seasonal)
Using the standard Lager as a base, this beer is all raspberry in the nose. The flavour however is punctuated by a strangely sweet tartness that finishes clean. This surprising beer is both refreshing and easily drinkable.

Texas Tea Honey Stout
Rich with roasted barley and toasty brown malt flavour that tastes of chocolate-covered hazelnuts and cinnamon spice. The added Ontario honey ensures the beer starts sweet, but the dark roasted malt gives it a smooth dry finish.


$25. Reserve your spot at the bar or by calling the bar at 416-535-7486.

Cash or credit accepted.

Hope to see you there!

BBQ Cooking Class & Pig Roast! Monday July 16th

Yours truly and friend Chef Scott Savoie of the Culinary Adventure Company will be hanging out  on Monday July 16th at Fuel House Restaurant (53 Clinton St. Toronto) Dishing about all things BBQ, and the folks at Fuel have roasted a whole pig for us to consume. Come by and learn about BBQ, drink a few beers and chow down on some pork. Tickets are on $95, (I think there’s only a few left) and available here:

Porknography With The Pork Ninjas

277014_206632322700347_7834390_n.jpgI’ll be doing an ALL PORK! dinner at The Depanneur on Saturday February 18th, at 7:30 pm.  3 starters, 3 mains and 3 Deserts, all made with our favorite animal the noble pig.
Tickets are $40, and seating is very limited. More Details here
First Course – Pork Cheek 3 ways:
Served on mixed bitter greens with a home made smoked apple balsamic drizzle
Braised Pork Cheek
Guanciale Carbonarra on an edible spiced Chinese soup spoon
Guanciale Brushetta on brioche

Second Course – Pork Sliders 3 ways:
Served with Slaw and Mac ‘n Cheese
BBQ Competition Style
North Carolina (vinegary)
South Carolina (mustard)

Third Course – Bacon Dessert Trio:
Piggy Cupcakes
Candied Bacon Cheese Cake Ice Cream
Pig candy with chocolate

Contest Mayhem!

Things have a been a little quiet around the blog here for the past few week, as I’ve been busy at various competitions. Tonight is the first friday in over a month where i’m not building a fire in one of my weber smokey mountain cookers and contemplating if i’m going to get any sleep at all over the next 8 hours. So here I am in front of my computer, for the first time in about 6 week happily doing laundry and organizing my severely neglected home. The last month has been a fun and learning experience. The KCBS contest circuit is HARD! and a whole lot of fun, it’s very strange to turn in food to judges that all of my friends and family claim is the best they’ve ever tasted and have it barely get a mention.  Certified organic free range happy animals does not seem to help get better results in a bbq contest, but we are going to keep cooking this way anyway and see if we can tweak our technique to see if it’s possible to win with this stuff. If it wasn’t hard it would not be worth doing right? My pulled pork got a 3rd place last weekend, which is the best it’s ever done, and my chicken is slowly getting more and more popular with the judges. 

Got Some hardware at Roc City!

porkninjas.jpgWe competed at our very first KCBS & NEBS contest this past weekend at the Roc City Rib Fest, and with some amazing help & guidance from DivaQ we managed to take home a trophy (second place bacon, 6th overall nebs) and enough cash to pay the entry to our next contest, The Crossborder Blues, Brews & Que. We sure learned a lot at this contest, it’s amazing how easily something that’s been practiced over and over is a whole new ball game when it’s during a competition. We’ll be working hard to bring up our kcbs scores for the next contest. Full results can be found here

Roc City Ribfest This Weekend

roc_city.jpgI Somehow forgot to post about this weekend’s BBQ Competition in Rochester NY! After a number of false starts, the “Pork Ninjas” will be making their debut this weekend. We’re cooking every contest that’s offered at Roc City (Ribs, KCBS, NEBS, Kids) and we’ve been really looking forward to it all winter! 2 members of our team (myself and Jamie P) attended last year and became certified KCBS judges, and had a blast eating.  If you are in the area of Ontario Beach Park in Rochester pop by and say hi!