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Memphis in May 2.0 – The Yazoo Delta Q Edition..

memphis_is_cookin_web-slide.jpgI’m headed down to Memphis in May  again this year, I had a blast last year,  and hoped I could return again this year, and I’m going to be able to do it! This year’s trip started out with similar planning as last year, except this year I’m driving down with my friend and brother in fire Jamie P. We had already signed up  and payed for the VIP program again this year, even though the price had increased.. I should really look into selling my vip pass to someone, as it’ looks like I’m not going to have much of a chance to use it this year as I’ve been invited by Yazoo’s Delta Q (last years Memphis in May Grand Champion!) to help them cook the ancillary categories. It should be an interesting week, and I hope I’ll learn lots by being in such great company. As always you can follow me on twitter.

Stuffed Bacon, Onion, Cheese & Prosciutto Burgers!


It’s true, you can make a stuffed burger without any actual gadgets. I used various sized ramekins to press and make the pockets to stuff my burgers today, and they were yummy as you can see from the photo.  If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you’ll know that I never use just one kind of meat when making meatballs, or anything with a red sauce. Burgers are no exception to this rule. I like the 3-2-1 method. 3 parts beef, 2 parts pork , and 1 part lamb. sometimes i mix it up and switch the lamb and pork, and sometimes i take the pork out and use veal.  I’m really digging keeping leftover uncooked brisket and using that as my burgers these days, seems to make for a tasty burger. You want your burgers to contain around 30% fatty meat, so that it stays nice and juice on the grill and does not dry out
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My Trip to Memphis! – Part 2

welcometomim.jpgI’d made it to Memphis, now was time to check out the largest pork cooking contest in the world. I was a little anxious as this had the potential to be disappointment, kinda like when Lucas rebooted the star wars series. My campsite was a short 20 minute drive to the contest, and finding where my parking pass had  put my VIP parking was a bit of a challenge, I did however find it, put on my purple weekend pass wristband, adorn my VIP pit pass around my neck and stroll on in. I was not sure what this VIP pass would actually entitle me to, as I did not get an itinerary with the pass. First off, this contest really is HUGE, I decided to walk around the entire contest first to take in all the sights, this took almost an hour! I popped in and chatted with a few of the competitors who were all very welcoming when they saw my vip pass. For some reason I forgot to take photos this first day! I finally found the VIP area, and was greeted to my choice of draft beer or a glass of wine, I had got there just in time, as we were splitting off into groups and going to eat bbq at various competitors booths.  theshed.jpgOver the following 2 days I we would meet and eat with 6 different teams they would give us a little talk on what they do, answer a whole lot of questions and feed us some of their award winning bbq. The coolest competitor we visited was called “the shed” They had the coolest cooker i’ve ever seen, they had modded a vintage truck into a well insulated cooker, they were competing in the whole hog category.  My vip pass was worth every penny, I ate amazing bbq for 3 solid days, drank my face off for free and hung out with 60 or so (vip) people that were also passionate about the craft of bbq, no rib boilers in this crowd!  On Sunday morning I packed my car, made sure I had lots of sugar free redbull and drove home.. in one 18 hour shot!

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Beach Rib Fest Cancelled

Sorry to inform everyone that we will not be cooking at the Canadian open bbq contest at the beach rib fest. The company that was organizing it sent me a nice letter (today) 1 week before the contest to tell me that they are canceling that portion of the event. I’m pretty angry and am fighting the urge to write defamatory coments about the organizers. We lined up sponsors and spent a pile of money on supplies and ingredients for this event. I’ve included the letter they sent me if you feel like reading the “read more” button.

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Come down to see us cook @ Beach Rib Fest ! has put together a competition team to compete in the Canadian open BBQ competition on fathers day weekend. The competition is at Woodbine beach park near downtown Toronto as part of a rib fest. We’re looking forward to camping out there all weekend. There’s lots of vendors selling ribs, live music and other attraction. for more info visit We’ll be making bbq sauce with Cameron’s Beer, and were working on throwing an after party on Saturday night at our favorite bar that sometime has my pulled pork on special, The Charlotte Room

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