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Come eat with us on Grey Cup Sunday

TALLBOYS’ Grey Cup Party

presented by Neustadt Springs Brewery and the BBQ Pork Ninjas (that’s us)

Sunday, November 25, 2012 at 5pm

Enjoy complimentary samplings of Neustadt’s full roster of standard and seasonal beer.

The buffet menu includes some of our most popular dishes with a beery twist:

Pulled pork
Slow smoked over applewood for 20 hours, and lovingly basted with the Neustadt Scottish Pale Ale. Served on a ciabatta bun with vidalia onion slaw.

Chicken Lollipops
Cooked over quebec sugar maple and rubbed with Pork Ninja’s sweet & heat jerk inspired seasonings.

Baked beans
Pit beans cooked cooked with Neustadt Mill Gap Bitter

Brewmaster’s Mac n’ Cheese
Topped with dry brewers yeast

Spent malt crusted Apple Crisp

Beer menu:

This typical English Ale pours a clear brown with red notes and low carbonation. Aroma is almost purely of caramelized malts with hints of wood & rye. The Malt-forward flavour also has some earthy elements plus a bit of nuttiness in the finish. – One of my favourites.

This lager pours a pale gold, almost completely clear. This crisp beer is punctuated by light sweet malts in the nose, with a hint of graininess. The hop character is very subdued, leaning toward the grassy, earthy vein which is typical in English hops.

Scottish Pale
This easy drinking refreshing ale is malt-forward in taste, with hints of the barrel wood or peat that are typical in Scottish beers. The caramelized malt sweetness become more bitter in the finish giving it a touch of dryness.

Sour Kraut lager (a seasonal)
Using the standard Lager as a base, this beer is all raspberry in the nose. The flavour however is punctuated by a strangely sweet tartness that finishes clean. This surprising beer is both refreshing and easily drinkable.

Texas Tea Honey Stout
Rich with roasted barley and toasty brown malt flavour that tastes of chocolate-covered hazelnuts and cinnamon spice. The added Ontario honey ensures the beer starts sweet, but the dark roasted malt gives it a smooth dry finish.


$25. Reserve your spot at the bar or by calling the bar at 416-535-7486.

Cash or credit accepted.

Hope to see you there!

Muskoka Cream Ale Blue Cheese Dressing


Here’s a nice simple salad dressing that you can use on a cobb salad, or a potato salad, using one of my favorite beers from Muskoka Cottage Brewery.

1 cup crumbled blue cheese
1/4 lb bacon cooked and crumbled 
1/2 raw red onion
1/2 cup Muskoka Cream Ale
2 tablespoons mayo
1 teaspoon granulated garlic
1/2 teaspoon mustard powder
pinch salt
ground white pepper to taste
2 teaspoons (kozliks) dijon mustard
splash of hot sauce

Cook and crumble the bacon, slice the onion and set aside/ ,
in a seperate bowl combine the liquid and powdered ingredients, and whisk until the beers flattens out.

Crumble cheese, bacon and onion mixture over your favorite potato salad or cobb salad and drizzle the beer dressing over top of the entire thing.

this dressing should not be made to far in advance it’s truly rocking when served super fresh!

Free Our Beer!!

Did you know that the beer store in Ontario is 100% owned by offshore companies? Heck even “Molson Canadian” is owned by Coors, an American company. I’ve been boycotting the beer store for the most part for years now as many of my loyal readers know I fancy myself somewhat of a locavore so i generally shop at the LCBO, which has a greater variety of beer, and will carry the Ontario Craft Beers  that the Beer Store will not.  With the recent turn in the economy I cant think of a better reason to boycott sending your hard earned dollars for beer out of the country, and check out the latest Ontario Craft beers from the LCBO, and support your local economy!  For more info on the travesty that is the beer store in Ontario check out 

Toronto Beerfest

Had a chance to exchange a few word with a local BBQ celebrity this weekend at the Toronto Beerfest, Rob Rainford of License to Grill. I enjoy watching his show from time to time, as everyone had their own take on BBQ. I was very surprised when I asked Mr Rainford his opinion on charcoal v.s. gas and he said that there was no difference in taste! — I’m guessing he has to say that because his sponsor does not carry charcoal BBQs. Anyway here’s a pic of me and the Celebrity Chef!