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Happy Thanksgiving!

Pumpkin Pie from a *real* pumpkin.
Pumpkin Pie from a *real* pumpkin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thanksgiving, in Canada, is on Monday. Our American friends Kim and Andy from BBQ team Behind BBQ will be joining us for Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend. They’re bringing pumpkin pie, we’re doing the turkey.

We hope that you’re thankful, and spending the day in a manner that is meaningful to you. If you need a recipe, search around our site. If you need a Thermapen, hopefully you already have one.

All the best,

The Pork Ninjas

It’s National/International Coffee Day!

You’ve had your morning coffee by now. Or maybe you don’t drink coffee. Don’t forget that you can cook with coffee too.

Here are some recipes that Jason has posted over the years:

…and while there’s no recipe up (yet), Jason puts coffee (espresso) in his chili.

coffee tenderloin sauce

From beans to lamb to short ribs to tuna, other ideas for cooking with coffee:

An aside: We recently started using an Aeropress for camping coffee and love it, swapping out our French Press for it. It lives on the bus but Jason keeps talking about buying a second one for inside the house. It’s this one, but it came with this Mini Mill Slim Coffee Grinder too – the handle of which pops off for easier storage in small spaces –  so we use fresh beans. We really rough it when we camp.

This past weekend we used it with beans from Casa Acoreana Cafe on the corner of Nassau and Augusta in Kensington Market. They serve one of the best Americanos in the city – seriously, the one I had on Friday was sublime – and the beans from there made the Aeropress coffee better than ever.

What do you make with coffee?

Brockport BBQ Competion – Pork Ninja Kids Grand Champions

This past weekend in the lovely town of Brockport NY, the Pork Ninja Kids made their 2nd appearance on the BBQ Tour.  The Kids Que was a hotly contested event with 7 teams participating in the event. The Catagories were Burgers and Dessert. Siobhan and Beibhinn placed 2nd in the Burgers, and WON the Dessert Catagory. They also won the Grand Championship with the best over all score.  Congratulations Kids