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Drink OCB Beer!

sorry for the lack of updates around here… lost my camera, xmas shopping etc..  I’ve got a pile of content to write, and will do so while i’m avoiding family during the xmas holidays.
OCB Blog
I’ve had a great couple of nights in the last month hanging and drinking some great liquids with the guys from Cameron’s Brewing, they make a great beer. If you live in Ontario, make sure to try some of th delicious seasonal beers from our OCB Ontario Craft Brewers.

Portable Keg!

Someone was really thinking here, what a great way to show up and be the life of any party. The “Port-O-Keg” holds pony size kegs, which you can usually get from smaller kraft breweries. I know what I’m bringing to Labour day this year!. No pumping either, this puppy come with a co2 system built right in.


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Moving Soon!

Looks like I’m moving before Sept 1st. It’s been a great couple of years in this house and has really inspired me to BBQ often. I even learned the Mount Everest of Q in this back yard: Brisket! Everyone cross their fingers that I can find a place that does not mind that I have 4 BBQs, and need a natural gas hookup in downtown Toronto.