Happy Birthday Jamie & Jenn!

Earlier this month we got a request to cater a backyard birthday party for about 40 people. Luckily, with 11 days notice, we were free.

The menu:

  • Moinks
  • Greek Salad Skewers
  • Chicken Lollipops
  • Pulled Pork
  • Brisket with Burnt Ends
  • Pit Beans
  • Mac and Cheese – both with bacon and without
  • Grilled, smoked portabello mushrooms
  • Soft taco shells + buns
  • Condiments: Kimchi, onion jam, tequilla lime sauce,  hot sauce, Carolina-style BBQ sauce + other sauces, cole slaw. Though not on the menu, we brought a jar of the chili sauce that Jason made a few days prior after we bought bushels of tomatoes and peppers at St. Jacob’s Farmers’ Market.

We always “order good weather when we cater”.  We like to say that it’s a service we provide, It seems that it only rains when we cater (free) for friends and family.  As these were paying customers, the sky was clear throughout the day and the forecast didn’t call for rain until Sunday.

When we arrived around 7pm – after sunset – to set up  the clouds had started rolling in. But, rain wasn’t in the forecast, and so we set up our tables, laid out the tablecloths, filled the water pans, lit the fire under the chafing dishes, and so on. A backyard BBQ under the stars! (We all thought.)

Then the clouds began to spit.

We were still in denial. It wasn’t supposed to rain.

And then it rained.

However, rain is no challenge for us! The Pork Ninjas always come prepared. Instead of moving the food inside or scrambling for umbrellas or serving in the rain, we grabbed the big pop-up tent that lives on the bus along with some battery-operated LED lights. And so, in the rain, with mud and darkness, we set up and fed the party guests. You can see the set up in the photo below with the wet tent.


This is the email the host sent us 2 days later:

Hi Jason, I just wanted to say thank you again for the great spread you put on at our place on Saturday. Not only did you pull this together last minute but served a delicious meal, in the rain and in the dark with the mud and my dog at your feet. 🙂

I will not hesitate to recommend you guys.

Thank you so much,


We’re used to having a dog at our feet.

Happy birthday, Jamie and Jenn! It was a pleasure feeding you all.


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