Camping for the long weekend.

Going (Car) Camping this weekend. — bringing a pack of wild dogs also known as 10 of my friends. I’ll be posting some photos next week of all the things I’ll be cooking on my smoker.
Chicken or Turkey, Baby Back Ribs, Beef Brisket, Souvlaki, Hamburger, Sausages, Bananas & Pineapple, Chicken Livers.

I’m cooking:
• Thursday Supper- Burgers, Dogs.
• Friday Supper: Souvlaki, Pita, Salad
• Saturday Brunch : We’re going to catch a herd of fish. – Or bacon and Eggs.
• Satuday Supper: Festival of Meat – Whole Turkey, Ribs, Brisket, coleslaw, bean salad (everyone will be warm that night)
• Sunday Supper: – Surf and Turf, Potatoes (Steak and Shrimp)
• Monday Brunch: – We’re going to catch a herd of fish – Or Waffles & Fruit
• Monday Supper: – Pasta A La BBQ Carbonara

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