Porknography With The Pork Ninjas

277014_206632322700347_7834390_n.jpgI’ll be doing an ALL PORK! dinner at The Depanneur on Saturday February 18th, at 7:30 pm.  3 starters, 3 mains and 3 Deserts, all made with our favorite animal the noble pig.
Tickets are $40, and seating is very limited. More Details here
First Course – Pork Cheek 3 ways:
Served on mixed bitter greens with a home made smoked apple balsamic drizzle
Braised Pork Cheek
Guanciale Carbonarra on an edible spiced Chinese soup spoon
Guanciale Brushetta on brioche

Second Course – Pork Sliders 3 ways:
Served with Slaw and Mac ‘n Cheese
BBQ Competition Style
North Carolina (vinegary)
South Carolina (mustard)

Third Course – Bacon Dessert Trio:
Piggy Cupcakes
Candied Bacon Cheese Cake Ice Cream
Pig candy with chocolate

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