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Sale: Tactical BBQ Gift Pack from ThinkGeek

On sale now at ThinkGeek:
Tactical BBQ Gift Pack

Regular $69.97, on sale for $48.99 (save 30%).

Whether your chef is a devotee of charcoal or propane, he or she is the master of outdoor cooking. If you want your steak a perfect medium rare, he’s your guy. Did we mention he can do this while being the master of the SuperSoaker and keeping the grass length perfect? Tactical BBQ Gift pack is truly the best gift of all.

Tactical BBQ Gift Pack


Jason has shown interest in the apron. If the gift pack remains on sale I might buy us one. (Shhh, don’t tell.)  The dog loves lasers.

Also, today only (August 3) ThinkGeek is having a site-wide sale, 20-30% off depending on how much you spend. Use discount code choidujour.

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Why are there no Briskets in the GTA?!!

My local butcher usually has decent briskets, but when the one that buys the briskets goes on vacation… I’m screwed. I went to St. Jacobs Market this morning in the hope of finding brisket, and they wanted $8.99 a pound for brisket?!!! If you want to feel like you’ve grown a eyeball in th middle of your forehead, go into a butcher shop in the gta and ask for a packer brisket.. they just stare at you like you just admitted that you are sexually attracted to pumpkins. If you have any idea where I can find a decent brisket in the gta, drop me a line: wheresthebeef@bbqblog.ca 

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