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Contest Mayhem!

Things have a been a little quiet around the blog here for the past few week, as I’ve been busy at various competitions. Tonight is the first friday in over a month where i’m not building a fire in one of my weber smokey mountain cookers and contemplating if i’m going to get any sleep at all over the next 8 hours. So here I am in front of my computer, for the first time in about 6 week happily doing laundry and organizing my severely neglected home. The last month has been a fun and learning experience. The KCBS contest circuit is HARD! and a whole lot of fun, it’s very strange to turn in food to judges that all of my friends and family claim is the best they’ve ever tasted and have it barely get a mention.  Certified organic free range happy animals does not seem to help get better results in a bbq contest, but we are going to keep cooking this way anyway and see if we can tweak our technique to see if it’s possible to win with this stuff. If it wasn’t hard it would not be worth doing right? My pulled pork got a 3rd place last weekend, which is the best it’s ever done, and my chicken is slowly getting more and more popular with the judges.