Thermapen Buddy Sale on now

If you’ve ever had a conversation with Jay about BBQ, and especially if you’ve attended one of his classes, you know that a) We’re big fans of Thermapen, and b) Thermoworks occasionally has sales on Thermapens, either in the form of “open box” sales, or “buddy” sales, during which the 5+ bulk rate applies to purchases of 2 or more.


Right now there’s a Buddy Sale going on.

From now until September 1, buy two Thermapens for $85 each. They’re normally $96 each, and worth it at that price for what it does and how versatile it is. This is the last instant read Thermometer you’ll ever own – unless you melt it, or lose it in a lake or something, in which case you’ll buy another Thermapen. Alton Brown is a big fan and in one of his recent podcasts he referred to it as “The best instant read thermometer on planet earth.”

Use it when cooking meat or fish, baking bread, making cakes, reheating leftovers, or heating the water to just the right temp for your tea or coffee.  It can replace your candy thermomenter. Use it to take your own temperature (carefully under the tongue, the end is pointy) when you’ve got flu symptoms (then sterilize it).

It takes only 3 seconds to get to the full reading with with an accuracy of +/- 1 degree. Set it for Celsius or Fahrenheit. It will keep updating the temperature, so it can read different parts of the meat (or bread, etc.).

Jason uses a Thermapen almost every day. We own 3 and keep them in various places.

So, buy two (or more). Give one as a gift or go in with a friend, or leave one at your second home. If you wants, buy one for meat, and one for candy. Choose from 15 colours + a number of limited edition patterns.


Or, go with the Backlit version (not included in the buddy sale).

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