We finally have AWESOME smoked meat in Toronto!

I had the pleasure of visiting Caplansky’s Deli for lunch today.
We waited in line for 5 minutes, but it was well worth the wait, we barely had time to peruse the menu before someone came to serve us.
The borsch come with bits of smoked meat in it!  We ordered the smoked meat, which is offered lean/med/fat, of course fat was ordered as we all know that fat is flavor! There’s 4 kinds of mustard + ketchup at the table and the sandwiches come out without any condiments on it, honstly the sandwich does not “need” condiments. I tried all the mustards and concluded that the kozlics mustard tasted the best with my meat and with the king pilsner beer I had ordered. I love that all the beers on tap were local microbrews.

I’m sure there’s a few people wondering:  Was is better the Schwartz in Montreal?
Yes and No, Caplansky seems to like his spices and smoke more than Schwartz, so the star of the show is more the spice and smoke rather than just the meat alone. The meat has a slightly bitter taste from what tasted to me like an abundance of oak wood smoke, and you can really taste fennel seed.  I cant pick a clear winner, I love them both equally.

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